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Aircraft Upgrade to Improve Service in Southeastern West Virginia

Aircraft Upgrade to Improve Service in Southeastern West Virginia

HealthNet Aeromedical Services’ Base 9 in Lewisburg, West Virginia received an upgraded helicopter improving service to patients in the southeastern region of the state.   

Since 2015, the Base 9 flight team has operated a single-engine EC-130 helicopter. The base’s new EC-135 twin-engine aircraft has an increased weight capacity, rear patient loading, and is Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) capable which allows the aircraft to fly in and above the clouds.

“Having twin engines and IFR flight capabilities allows our flight teams to reach many patients that other helicopters simply cannot. In our rural areas and when minutes matter, these advanced aviation capabilities save lives,” said Clinton Burley, president and CEO of HealthNet Aeromedical Services. “This aircraft represents Charleston Area Medical Center’s continued investment in healthcare delivery in southern West Virginia.”

The EC-135 joins HealthNet Aeromedical Services’ current Airbus-exclusive fleet, consisting of two EC-145 helicopters, five EC-135 helicopters, and three EC-130 helicopters. An additional EC-145 is set for delivery in early May 2021.